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St Sophia Orthodox Greek Cathedral
The St Sophia Orthodox Greek Cathedral is located at Moscow Road, Bayswater W2 4LQ. []
Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10:00.

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Community announcements/Updates

Ανακοινωση σχετικα με την ληξη χορηγησης βεβαιωσεων διελευσης σε ταξιδευοντες προς την ελλαδα μεσω ενδιαμεσου σταθμου (transit attestations). [Σελίδα 1]   [Σελίδα 2]

Αλλαγή ηλεκτρονικής διεύθυνσης στο Συντονιστικό Κέντρο ΖΗΝΩΝ για ενημέρωση πολιτών που θα επαναπατριστούν [Προβολή]

Παρατείνεται έως τέλος Μαΐου η υποχρεωτική καραντίνα 14 ημερών όλων των επιβατών που εισέρχονται στην Ελλάδα.". [Προβολή]

Επέκταση μέτρου αναστολής πτήσεων μεταξύ Ελλάδος και Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου έως 31/5/2020". [Προβολή]

More updates

13th London Greek Film Festival
Date: Friday 15 - Monday 25 May 2020
Details: This year we moved online due to the health crisis, offering in collaboration with the producers, directors and screenwriters, some films and videos online for free, were it was possible, and information for all the other films and scripts, were it was possible and available (such as trailers and websites).
A new era coming for our festival, as we are moving now step by step in a hybrid format, as online festival and live special screenings festival. The film and script competition will be active as usual. More information will be announced soon.
For further information please click here

London Greek Film Festival

Socrates in Love

Socrates in Love: The making of a philosopher
Date: Thursday 04 June 2020
Details: Join author Armand D'Angour for an innovative and insightful exploration of the passionate early life of Socrates and the influences that led him to become the first and greatest of philosophers.
For further information and bookings please click here

Family Concert with Asterakia and Rebetiko Carnival   *** POSTPONED ***
Date: Sunday 28 June 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Come and join us for our amazing Family Concert! Asterakia is collaborating with great musicians from the Rebetiko Carnival. In the workshop after the concert, children will have the chance to explore and even play the instruments!
This event will be in Greek.
For further information and bookings please click here

We Are Made of Earth

Villagers of Ioannina City

Villagers of Ioannina City  *** NEW DATE ***
Date: Sunday 1 November 2020 [19:00]
Venue: Union Chapel Offices, 19b Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN
Details: One of the leading Greek heavy rock bands, with a strong footing in the wealthy folk musical tradition of Epirus, furnished with consistent alt-metal and post rock atmospheres.
Their new album, "Age Of Aquarius" is exactly what the title implies, a whole new era of creation and experimentation, of an album navigating further towards an organic and meticulous direction, keeping on board the traditional scent that lies in our roots and at the same time, a modern soundwave of heaviness and atmosphere.
For further information and bookings please click here

Book presentation: One Summer in Crete
  *** POSTPONED ***

Date: Tuesday 19 May 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Nadia Marks (nee Kitromilides) grew up in London but was born in Cyprus where her novel Secrets Under the Sun is set. An ex creative director and associate editor on a number of leading British women’s magazines, she is now a novelist and works as a freelance writer for several national and international publications.

One Summer in Crete

Late Medieval Monastic Peregrinations and the Bonds of the Orthodox Commonwealth
  *** POSTPONED ***

Date: Wednesday 24 June 2020 [19:00]
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: This lecture will explore the nature and extent of interactions among Byzantine and Rus monks in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, as well as how relations were maintained in the face of geographical distance and linguistic barriers.
Free entry, RSVP essential.
Organised by the Hellenic Centre and the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies
Phone: 020 7563 9835 - Email:

Book presentation: We Are Made of Earth
  *** POSTPONED ***

Date: Tuesday 24 March 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Writer Panos Karnezis reads from and discusses his new novel, We Are Made of Earth, with author and journalist Nadia Marks.
We Are Made of Earth is a skilled blend of seductive linguistic simplicity and luminous moral depth, a timeless story of connection and disorientation, longing and self-doubt, as well as a profound comment on the emotional cost of peace and security.
For further information and bookings please click here

We Are Made of Earth


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