Current and forthcoming Greek events in London

Most of the currentlly advertised events are cancelled or postopned due to the ongoing COVID19 outbreak.
Please check with orginiser if you wish to attend any of the events below.

 1821 Commemorative Lecture Series 

9 July 1821
Date: Friday 18 June 2021
Details: A presentation in English by:
A lecture by Dr Nicoletta Hadjipavlou. An epic poem on the 1821 events in Cyprus by Vassilis Michaelides.
When the Greek War of Independence broke out on 25 March 1821 a number of Cypriots secretly left the island, which was also under Ottoman rule, to fight in Greece. On the island, proclamations and leaflets in favour of the war of Independence were distributed to the people. The local pasha, Kuchuk Mehmet, reacted to the Cypriots’ organised support to the Greek war by confiscating weapons and secret leaflets and arresting many prominent Cypriots. Among them was Archbishop Kyprianos of Cyprus who was the head of the Cypriot Orthodox Church early in the 19th century. On 9 July 1821 Kuchuk Mehmet called out the Christian dignitaries to the serai and read them their sentence. The Archbishop and his Bishops were the first to be hanged.
The events of July 9 1821 are vividly depicted in the poem ‘9 July 1821’ written in 1895 in the Cypriot dialect by Vassilis Michaelides (1849 – 1917). This presentation will examine in detail the representation of the 1821 events in Cyprus in the poem ‘Η 9η Ιουλίου 1821’ by Vassilis Michaelides, the island’s so-called ‘National Poet’.

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1821 Through Mhyrivilis’s Eyes: Αn Old Story, a Timely Story (Με τη ματιά του Μυριβήλη στο 1821: Μια παληά, επίκαιρη ιστορία)
Date: Friday 15 October 2021
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: A presentation in English by:
A talk in Greek based on Stratis Myrivilis’s radio programme and unpublished archival material on 1821 held by the speaker, Myrivilis’s grandaughter, Christina Angelopoulou.

 Book Presentations 

Venizelos: The Making of a Greek Statesman 1864-1914, by Michael Llewellyn-Smith
Date: Thursday 21 October 2021
Venue: TBD
Details: Book Presentation: Venizelos: The Making of a Greek Statesman 1864-1914, by Michael Llewellyn-Smith
Michael Llewellyn-Smith was British Ambassador in Athens in the 1990s and lived in Venizelos’ house. He has written books on Greece in Asia Minor (1919–22), the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, and the history and culture of Athens. Venizelos has been a lifelong interest.

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